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Auto Burglary/Carjacking: Breaking into a locked vehicle for the purpose of stealing it constitutes “auto burglary” under California law. Stealing a vehicle from a driver with force or threat is considered carjacking and could have harsher penalties. California law treats any theft of an automobile as grand theft, regardless of the value of the vehicle.

Burglary: Entering a structure with the intent to commit a felony or any theft inside constitutes burglary in California. If the structure is a home or “inhabited dwelling,” it is considered a residential burglary. If in a place of business, it is considered a commercial burglary.

Embezzlement: A person who wrongfully steals or misappropriates property entrusted to him by the rightful owner may be charged with embezzlement of such property.

Grand Theft: Under Penal Code 487, this is the stealing of property valued at more than $400. It may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Petty Theft: Under Penal Code 484 and 488, this is the stealing of property valued up to $400. Although the offense is a misdemeanor, a second offense can be charged as a felony under Penal Code 666 (Petty Theft with a Prior).

Receiving Stolen Property: Receiving or purchasing property that he/she knows (or reasonably should know) is stolen is considered a crime and will be court prosecuted.

Robbery: A person commits robbery in California if he uses violence, force or threats to take property from someone’s immediate possession. This too counts as a strike under California Three Strikes Laws.

Theft offenses are considered “crimes of moral turpitude.” This means the crime in of itself is bad and therefore the perpetrator can be viewed as an immoral or bad person. This could have harsh consequences for any potential client’s future. For instance, the state license boards often cite theft convictions as a reason to deny licenses and certifications, such as a contractor’s license, a nursing license or a real estate license. Also, any theft-related conviction can be harmful in terms of gaining future employment, state licensing and other benefits. These convictions may also pose immigration consequences for immigrants seeking a visa, green card or naturalization to the United States.

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