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Can A DUI Lawyer Help With My Second DUI?


Getting arrested for a DUI is already a harrowing experience, without having to go through it for a second time. If you’ve been arrested for your second DUI, you need help and you need it quickly.

Certainly, you may be curious as to whether a DUI lawyer can provide aid when you’ve been arrested for a second DUI, and the answer is yes.

If you have been arrested for a second DUI, your DUI lawyer will work to minimize the damage. While a complete dismissal of the charges may be hard to come by, your DUI lawyer will provide the help you need to keep your life as normal as possible.

Your driving privileges will be in jeopardy after getting your second DUI. The prosecution typically looks to suspend a repeat offender’s license for at least one year, if not indefinitely. Your DUI lawyer works with you and the prosecution to try and limit any potential penalties.

When the decision is being made whether or not to suspend your license, there is a hearing that takes place with the DMV. Unless you have a quality DUI lawyer in your corner for this hearing, it will be difficult for you to plead your case or get any sort of reduction.

A DUI lawyer is able to illuminate the reasons why you should be allowed to keep your license, especially if you are gainfully employed and have a family to take care of. The court, similarly, tends to favor those who have retained legal representation.

In essence, the court can dictate to an individual. The court cannot dictate to someone who has retained a lawyer that knows the nuances of the legal system and how to use them.

A second DUI also means that you are running the risk of being jailed for your actions. There are other options for punishment, however.

When speaking with the prosecution and the judge, a DUI lawyer can suggest a variety of other options, as opposed to jail. You may qualify for a sentence such as rehab if your attorney is able to demonstrate that you have a substance abuse problem, for example.

You may also be eligible for community service and probation instead of a jail sentence. Without an attorney, these options may not be possible.

Obtaining a DUI lawyer to help you with your second DUI is the best choice you can make to ensure your freedom and continued driving privileges. If you or a loved one has been arrested for your second DUI, call Avi Zvulun today to find out more about what options are currently available to you.

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